Wisconsin High School Students Perform Indian National Anthem in Honor of Republic Day

On the occasion of India’s Republic Day, high school students Krish and Eshaan Vasudev from Milwaukee, WI, paid tribute to their heritage by performing the India National Anthem, “Jana Gana Mana,” on the violin. As members of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra and their high school orchestra, the brothers were excited to share their musical talents to honor their cultural background.

Their performance, which was recorded and shared on YouTube, was a source of national pride for Krish and Eshaan, who were joined by members of the local Indian community in celebrating India’s cultural heritage. “We are incredibly proud to be able to represent our country in this way and to share our love for India through our music,” said Krish.

Republic Day, which marks the adoption of India’s Constitution in 1950, is an important national holiday in India and is celebrated with parades, performances, and other cultural events. For the Vasudev brothers, the opportunity to perform the national anthem on the violin was a meaningful way to honor this special day and connect with their roots. “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate India’s traditions and culture and to share them with others through our music,” said Eshaan. “It is truly an honor to contribute to the celebration of Republic Day in this way.”

Krish is an 11th-grade student, and Eshaan is a 9th-grade student. In addition to their dedication to music, the Vasudev brothers are also passionate about academics and community service. They regularly volunteer at local non-profit organizations. The brothers’ love for music and their cultural heritage is integral to who they are, and their performance on Republic Day reflects that.

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