Rosedale International Education awarded Top Canada Education Technology Solutions Provider

Education Technology Insights magazine named Rosedale International Education a “Top 10 Education Technology Solutions Provider in Canada” in their competitive annual listing of Canadian organizations at the forefront of providing education technology solutions and positively impacting the education sector. This leading technology publication serves more than 150,000 subscribers in North American alone, comprised of education sector leaders. Region-specific publications are available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, and tailored to the latest news and innovations in education technology. The news was shared in their Canadian issue in late December, where it discusses innovative applications of education technology and how the Canadian education sector is “increasingly adopting tech-enabled immersive learning techniques that change the way students learn, teachers teach, and how learning is assessed and demonstrated.”

Rosedale International Education is lauded for leadership in transformative, global education, providing transformative curriculum content, digital learning solutions and a portfolio of education quality assurance services to international partner schools to collaboratively deliver transformative education on a global scale.

Michelle Cui, Founder and CEO of Rosedale International Education, says, “Rosedale is proud to be featured alongside 10 forward-thinking Canadian solution providers who are pushing the boundaries of education technology to well-support a new generation of learners so they have the ability to develop the competencies and capacity they require to lead with empathy and cultural awareness, maintain diverse perspectives, be responsive to the economic and societal challenges of a global society, take ownership of their future path, and reach their highest potential.”

She continues, “As practitioners, we need to rethink today’s education and how knowledge and learning can be reimagined in a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty.”

Rosedale understands the new generation of Canadian education technology companies require a global mindset from the outset—to think beyond the traditional, broaden reach, and create a network of partnerships that advance the global education ecosystem to support learners as they move into a world full of new opportunities.

Rosedale International Education operates Rosedale Global High School, which is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada and authorized to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma to graduates studying in Rosedale’s global partner schools—expanding world-renowned Canadian education that empowers students to design and follow their individual pathways, while having the opportunity to attend university anywhere in the world. This award demonstrates our dedication to leveraging advanced practices in education technology as a tool for increasing accessibility of transformative global education to students around the world, and for ensuring collaboration across global education partnerships. With nearly 100 secondary schools across 17 countries, and partnerships with leading global universities, Rosedale provides a truly unique position in the global education sector.

Rosedale’s empowering school learning solutions include four key components:

  • A digital learning platform with management and analytics;
  • Academic assets hosted on the learning platform, including Rosedale OSSD transformative curriculum, student learning content, comprehensive instructional guide for teachers, and supplemental differentiated learning resources;
  • A centralized student achievement evaluation mechanism and OSSD administration;
  • Program quality assurance services, including academic integrity management, professional teacher development programs, university counselling, student success services, and program implementation support.
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  • View Rosedale Global High School’s School Profile to learn more about our model and outcomes.

About: Rosedale International Education (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) delivers school learning solutions in K-12 transformative global education. Embracing innovation in academics and technology, Rosedale provides international schools a holistic education solution, supported by an integrated digital learning platform with transformative curriculum and comprehensive quality assurance services, to create life-changing learning outcomes to students around the world. Rosedale International Education operates Rosedale Global High School. Rosedale Global High School has reached a partnership base of 62 global partners with 95 schools in 17 countries. In the 2022 graduating class, 100% of our graduates received offers of admission to global universities, with 65% of students accepted by Global Top 100 Universities—across Canada, the UK, Australia, the USA and more. Rosedale Global High School is an independent, Ontario-based Canadian secondary school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada (#BSID 668726) and authorized to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to Rosedale Global High School graduates.

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