BookMyForex Rolls out “Student Offer” on International Money Transfers

BookMyForex, India’s first online foreign exchange marketplace, has launched the new “BookMyForex Student Offer” with cashback & offers on international money transfers aiming to provide great value to international students. The new offering enables students to send money transfers abroad and get up to Rs 5000 cashback along with a free International SIM card on every transfer. The “BookMyForex Student Offer” is a limited-time offer and is valid from January 18th to March 30th, 2023. All money transfer bookings made using the BookMyForex website or App will be eligible for cashback and a free SIM. The customers need to use promo code “STUDENTOFFER” to avail the offer.

Commenting on the offer, Sudarshan Motwani, Founder and CEO, BookMyForex said, “BookMyForex provides money transfers overseas at near interbank rates and zero commissions. Interbank rates are real-time rates that may be viewed on business news channels, search engines, etc. Our prices are almost one or two rupees cheaper than those provided by the banks. Through the “BookMyForex Student offer”, we are aiming to make our completely digital money transfers accessible to international students at a much greater value. The winter intake at foreign universities has begun and this offer will help the students get up to 5 per cent savings on transferring money abroad for tuition fees or living expenses.

BookMyForex Student Offer Benefits

Cashback of up to Rs 5000

Free International SIM card with every transfer

End to end guidance and on call support

BookMyForex offers money transfers at lowest exchange rates in a fully secured & digital manner through its reputed partner banks. Customers can also choose to send money from the comfort of their homes 24X7 and avail “Book Now and Pay Later” option. Funds can be transferred abroad for education purposes under RBI’s LRS scheme through BookMyForex in just 4 easy steps: 1. Specify transfer requirements, such as currency, amount, and beneficiary information. 2. Submit KYC 3. Online Payment 4. Rates are locked and the transfer is processed. The customers also get complete guidance and end-to-end on-call and online customer support for money transfers.

“Our remittance service strikes a perfect balance between being entirely digital and offering on call support to customers who need help with their orders. At BookMyForex, we are always conscious of customer anxiety and cost concerns that come with very high-value transactions such as University Fees and living expenses of students studying abroad. We offer guidance to customers searching for the best mode of money transfer for their children’s tuition fees for the first time. Apart from cost, we are aiming to ease a student’s education journey abroad through our student offer,” commented Sudarshan Motwani, Founder and CEO,

BookMyForex offers money transfers service to its customers across the country. Customers can book an order online on bookmyforex or on its App. The offers details are available on bookmyforex.

BookMyForex (a MakeMyTrip Group Company) is India’s very first tech initiative in the foreign exchange domain and the market leader in the online retail forex space. Customers can place orders on our website or through our Android/iOS app to buy forex cards, send international money transfers and buy or sell foreign cash currencies. Customers can also purchase international SIM cards or international travel insurance.

BookMyForex operates a hybrid model where we execute the majority of forex pre-paid travel card orders and use the network of banks and reputed RBI-licensed money changers for cross-border payments, foreign currency bank notes, international SIM cards, etc.

BookMyForex is the most visible and trusted online retail forex brand, with over USD 1 billion exchanged on its platform. Faering Capital has been invested in BookMyForex since 2016, and recently, MakeMyTrip acquired a majority stake in BookMyForex.

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