SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture Rose to Number One Position in Maharashtra

The highest merit scorers of the CAP round for admissions in architecture have proudly secured their seats at SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture. The nine year-old educational institute with some of the finest courses in the state has risen to the number one position. For this architecture and design institute, the cut-off has been 155 this year, making them the top college to land the crème of the crowd.

Dr. Pooja Misal, the Founder and Director, says, “We have been working relentlessly to attract the finest students in India and hone their skills for a rewarding career in architecture. Such achievements gear us up to work harder and maintain this position. I’m so proud of the entire team for achieving this feat, and we’re now working with even more passion and determination to stay at the top.”

Dr. Poorva Keskar, the Principal at SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture, mentions, “We’re thrilled to witness the highest rank for admissions this year. It’s a sign that we’re moving forward in the right direction, and we’re so proud to gain the opportunity to train the sharpest minds in the state. With our hands-on approach and learning beyond classrooms, we aspire to make a lasting difference in the built environment with our students by our side.”

For SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture, this is just the beginning of their journey to becoming one of the top architectural colleges in India. Every student at the institute recommends the college for their unique pedagogy, innovative teaching methods, and experiential learning. It’s also noteworthy to mention the incredible success accomplished by all the alums of the institute. Some are pursuing post-graduate courses in the world’s top universities, while others have earned their place in leading architecture firms worldwide. 

Dr. Pooja has also founded BrickETC, a hybrid ed-tech platform that empowers young students to explore enrichment courses as early as age 11 and choose the right stream for higher education. With over 40 courses online already, the platform is preparing the next generation of designers, architects, thinkers, leaders, and artists. 

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