SIM: Ushering Innovative Approach Towards Education

Benjamin Franklin’s adage, “An investment in education pays the finest interest,” best expresses the necessity in educating youngsters. With a young population of about 400 million, this rings true for India, in terms of its growth potential and demographic dividend.

The need for lifelong learning and education has always been apparent. As the world changes, better and more innovative methods are increasingly required. It is therefore crucial to learn new skills, so as to tackle and overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles ahead.

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), a leading education and learning institution, is committed to encouraging learners in India to embrace lifelong learning, which is aptly communicated in their new tagline, “Learn for Life, Thrive for Life.” In his address at the launch of SIM’s rebranding event, Sri Ved Mani Tiwari, Chief Operating Officer of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), commended SIM for having a forward-looking approach and commitment to creating a future-ready workforce, which aligns with NSDC’s vision in building a world-class workforce with robust skilling endeavours that empower them for the future. He also expressed confidence that SIM Global Education (SIM GE) will have more to offer students that enrol in these courses, and NSDC looks forward to more of such collaborations with leading global institutes to bridge skill gaps and optimise the potential of the youths in India.

SIM’s rebranding and its MOU signings with eminent institutions like Jagannath Institute of Management School and Garodia International College are timely endeavours that will help close the talent gap to meet the nation’s industrial, societal, and cultural development. As a key area for growth, SIM looks forward to working with both learners and businesses in India to make them future-ready and to lead in their respective fields in the future of work.

SIM is a platform for people and organisations to acquire critical skills and knowledge to meet the challenges in their environment and is here to inspire and equip learners with the necessary skills to stay relevant for the future workplace.

Mr Gerald Lum, Director, Brand, Marketing & Communications, SIM, shared in his speech at the event, that rapid technological advancement is shaping the way we work, study, and play in this world. Success in the new normal is therefore increasingly dependent on continuous lifelong learning, effective decision-making, and constant upskilling.

He further said that the full impact of Industry 4.0 has yet to be felt, but it has already fundamentally changed the nature of work. Studies in India have shown that at least 92% of working professionals in the country believe that a skills gap exists, with 76% expressing that they feel personally impacted by it. He noted that 82% of employees surveyed agreed that a college education had not equipped them with the skills and competencies to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. What India requires is robust executive education initiatives that are aligned with the needs of Industry 4.0.

The popular courses Indians choose from SIM include Business Management, International Business, Finance, Accounting, Computing, Data Sciences, IT, Supply Chain Logistics Management, and Psychology. For more information, contact at Ms Tricha Vasta, Country Manager (India), SIM at

SIM in India is committed to taking an innovative approach to education, assisting learners stay employable throughout different life stages, and ensuring that their skills remain relevant for the rapidly evolving future of work.

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