Sanskriti International 2022 – The Biggest Global Online Contest Celebrates Indian Culture

JKYog, Bal-Mukund and Youth Club has organized Sanskriti International 2022 – the biggest online contest to celebrate the richness of Indian culture and heritage. The Grand Online Award Ceremony, featuring many renowned personalities, is scheduled on Sunday, December 18, 2022.

JKYog’s Sanskriti International is a one-of-a-kind glorious event conceptualized by Swami Mukundananda to celebrate Indian culture. People from all over the world have participated enthusiastically in a wide array of competitions offered in this program. As part of this global event, 50-plus unique contests were conducted for all age groups, with themes based on Indian heritage and Vedic wisdom.

India’s culture and values took the limelight in all the competitions, where participants expressed their creativity to the fullest. Every enthusiastic soul got the opportunity to participate in a variety of contests of their liking, from a plethora of categories like art-based competitions, singing, dance, speech, etc. Entries poured in for Shloka and Bhagavad Gita recitations from children and adults alike. There were quizzes on the grand Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as on core Vedic philosophy, reflecting the richness and vastness of knowledge and culture of the Bharat nation. There was also a whole arena for digital enthusiasts to express their talents in creating digital posters, videos, and presentations. There were also IQ and strategy-based contests like chess, innovation and coding for the geniuses. Overall, it has been an all-encompassing event. The best thing is, all these unique competitions not only were meant for children of a certain age but, on popular demand, were made available to all age groups.

Swami Mukundananda, the founder of JKYog, International authority of Mind Management, thought leader, best-selling author, IIT-IIM alumnus and a Bhakti saint will be delivering the keynote address at this monumental event. Swamiji had a grand vision of bringing public awareness about this rich religion of sanathandharm. Hence came into being Sanskriti International. Since then, this fabulous event has been a great success year after year, thanks to Swamiji’s beautiful conception as well as contributions from all volunteers and participants. The special guests in the grand award ceremony this year include Nidhi Pant, founder of S4S technologies, Dr Niveditha, creator of the super hit Mother-Daughter duo dance channel on YouTube and Little Chef Kicha, Kerala’s youngest chef and child prodigy.

Geetika Jain, Bal-Mukund Coordinator of North Carolina Center, remarks ” Just like me, there are many eager Indian parents in the US who want to pass on these cultural values. Through Sanskriti, JKYog and Bal-Mukund strive to make a humble effort in bringing back the rich cultural heritage not just to American Indians but to the people of the whole world. It has been heartening to see the enthusiastic participation from all over the world and a soulful experience to be a part of Sanskriti and support the noble cause!”

Robin Prem Gulapala, a parent from Australia shares, “Sanskriti International cultural event from JKYog is a much-awaited event for our family. Sanskriti offers a wonderful platform for my daughter to showcase her talent and also instigated new interests in learning shlokas, bhajans, and much more. For people like us living in a different country, Sanskriti exposes us to the cultural richness of India and timeless wisdom and value systems embedded in them.”

Bal-Mukund is a character-building program for children, conceptualized and mentored by Swami Mukundananda. As part of this program, children are exposed to yoga, kid-friendly meditations, shloka, bhajans, Vedic wisdom, informative games and activities in a fun learning environment. For the youth, Swamiji has established the JKYog Youth club, which organizes public speaking & leadership classes, book clubs, Bhagavad Gita study to hone their spiritual, emotional and intelligence quotient.

Sanskriti International is an annual event organized by JKYog, Bal-Mukund and Youth club volunteers and the proceeds from this event support the charitable and noble initiatives of JKYog.

The award ceremony will be broadcast live on the Sanskriti portal on the 18th of December 2022 at. This virtual extravaganza is open for everyone to join and cheer the winners!

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