QuickTouch recently launched QuickCampus.online, a one-stop solution for all Educational Needs

Formerly known as QuickTouch EIMS, QuickTouch, India’s No. 1 Educational Institute Management Software, recently launched QuickCampus.online with the vision of making it the EduTech Marketplace for all educational needs. The event was graced by CSC and Government Officials, to name a few.

QuickCampus.online is India’s 1st Edutech marketplace & India’s No. 1 education institute management software. Its mobile app serves over 500+ happy customers and 100,000 monthly active users. The brand has generated Rs. 25 crores in revenue for 2021-22 and over 50 cr. In its current financial year, revenue till 30th November 2022, with plans to sign up 3000 institutes and grow to Rs 300 crore in the coming year.

QuickCampus.online is not limited to ERP but also provides other services like uniforms, hiring, ID cards, insurance, books, group photos, etc. In addition, the participants and personnel presented at the event were very complimentary of the new product.

Quickcampus.online addresses all the functional areas of an Educational Institution and completes students’ life cycle in the Institution, starting from registrations, Admissions, Fee Collection from students, Exams and assignments, Inventory, Data analytics, Staff management, Parent Communication, Dashboards for management, Admin, Staff, and Parents, Learning Management, Parent Communication, and other tasks are all intertwined under this Institution’s ecosystem.ERP software assembles the pieces, so there is a logical order for studies in educational institutes.

Accessibility – and connectivity via. Internet, a vision of exceptional teaching, can become a reality by using a device and increasing connectivity.

As the Founder and MD of QuicKTouch Technologies, Gaurav Jindal intends to make QuickCampus a one-stop solution for all educational needs. He also looks to harness the new innovative- education world.

QuickCampus’s AI-powered platform offers an ERP software solution that includes software modules, a Customised Web Portal, and a mobile app for parents and staff, for institutions right from Schools to every higher education institution.

Data can now freely move among principals, management, teachers, and parents thanks to the QuickCampus management system. This software is now capable of handling all administrative tasks as well as tracking the educational growth of students by increasing parent participation.

What Is QuickCampus: QuickCampus was launched to provide a unique, EduTech marketplace and the best services. There are multiple companies, but the educational institute has to negotiate to deal with them and convenience them to understand their needs, but it’s different with QuickCampus. It is a one-stop EduTech marketplace solution for your educational needs.

AI/ML drives QuickCampus, and Block Chain Technologies, showcasing multiple solutions for Edu-Sphere.

With Benefits Such As:

  • 1. Integrated ERP Software Solution.
  • 2. Learning Content Tools and Platform.
  • 3. Training and Capacity Building For Teachers.
  • 4. Insurance for Students, Staff, and Assets.
  • 5. Loans and Fee Financing for Institutions and Parents.
  • 6. Supply management for Stationery, Books, Dresses, etc.
  • 7. Marketing and Promotional Services.
  • 8. Recruitment Solution.
  • 9. Consultancy and Management Services.
  • 10. Other Allied Service.

Why QuickCampus-

  • – Ensure the Best Trade Practice.
  • – Most Competitive Prices.
  • – Committed to providing professional services.
  • – Multiple Solutions and Services on one platform.

To achieve a child’s holistic development, the ERP provides an entirely web-based solution that brings together all stakeholders – Management, Instructors, Parents, and the student- on a single platform.

An optimal school, college, and education institution management application supported by machine learning and data analytics encourages collaboration between all users, allows for sharing of information, sends notifications, and focuses on the student’s development.

From attendance and payroll statistics to classroom content, this software provides comprehensive insights into how an ideal educational institute functions.

A fellow member of the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI), Gaurav Jindal is the company’s Managing Director, Promoter, and a member of the company’s Board of Directors. His areas of expertise include investments, fund-raising, financing, portfolio management, software and website development, digital marketing, data science, and data analysis.

In 2021, he also spearheaded the association with CSC e-governance services India Limited- CSC, a particular purpose vehicle (SPV) established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to oversee the implementation of the CSC works in Education, Skill Development, Insurance, Banking, and G2C services under the direction of the Chairman. CSC’s ecosystem includes over 4.5 lakh Village level Entrepreneurs.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, QuickTouch Technologies was associated with CSC to design and develop a software solution and monitor one of the most significant Vaccination Projects funded by the American India Foundation (AIF). With the help of this program, more than 10 lakh Indian citizens from rural communities receive doses one and 2 of the COVID vaccination.

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