Life Skills Collaborative Launches India’s First Life Skills Glossary in Hindi, Marathi, and Mizo

The translated versions of the LSC India Glossary define the 52 life skills in regional languages with the aim of empowering life skills education in a language of choice

The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) has launched its LSC India Glossary of Life Skills in Hindi, Marathi, and Mizo. The regional language versions of the Glossary have been developed in a culturally relevant context to ensure that access to life skills is not limited to English but is available to children, young adults, parents, and teachers in their regional language. The Glossary, now available in four languages including English, is the first-of-its-kind repository of life skills in India created and contextualised to cater to the needs of India’s young people. 

The translated versions of the LSC India Glossary have been specially curated with inputs and insights from various Indian education experts including government experts from SCERT and DIET departments in Maharashtra, Mizoram, Rajasthan, and Uttrakhand. Workshops were conducted in each of the four states to gather specialist opinions to ensure that the culture and context relevance was aptly captured in the translation. The translated versions explain each of the 52 life skills in detail, just like the English version. The glossary and translated versions can be accessed.

Speaking about the launch, Maya Menon, Founder Director, The Teacher Foundation says “LSC’s India Glossary of Life Skills is unlike any other existing life skills resources in the world! We have a set of 52 types of life skills and they can be referred to for personal wellbeing, employability skills, thinking skills or for citizenship skills. Apart from this, what makes the India Glossary truly unique is that it is now available in multiple Indian languages. So in short, the India Glossary of Life Skills is poised to steer life skills education in the country in the right direction – always placing our youth front and centre!”

Speaking about the launch, Arjun Bahadur, Lead, Life Skills Collaborative, says, “Life skills are contextual and hence it is important that they are made available in a culturally and linguistically understandable manner. The LSC India Glossary, which is a comprehensive repository of 52 life skills, is an attempt to develop a common vocabulary on life skills for India. The Glossary which is now available in 3 Indian languages will act as a valuable addition to the parents, teachers, and young people in their process of learning and teaching life skills.

Life Skills are abilities that enable a person to navigate a range of life contexts with a sense of personal confidence, social conscience, and professional competence. They are developed through the use of processes that are inclusive and sensitive to individual, local, and regional diversity.

About Us: The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is a collaborative of 18 organisations backed by multi-sectoral expertise, focused on championing life skills for India’s young people to thrive, through an extensive on-ground outreach program. Life skills – or social-emotional skills – are guiding principles that help us navigate through life, especially in adversity. These are essential for India’s youth to grow, thrive and succeed.

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