IICSR Group addresses India’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Masters and Post Graduate Program in CSR and Sustainability

With a vision to address India’s consistent decline on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), IICSR Group, affiliated as a training partner to MEPSC (A sector skills council under Ministry of Skills development and entrepreneurship), is playing a key role to train the youth and working professionals to bridge the gap.

In order to accelerate the learning IICSR is focused to develop trained experts to address the gap between the knowledge and implementation by conducting industry focused courses to India Inc and for the future workforce to pursue Responsible Business Leadership.

Some of its flagship endeavors are Masters and Post Graduate Program in CSR and sustainability and lately introduced Certified ESG Practitioner course, all curated by the leading industry experts found on (iicsronlineinstitute). It has also launched 5 days short term certification courses to upskill corporate executives to better implement sustainable projects for welfare development. Its focus is to improve India’s ranking on the United Nations SDGs and achieve its goals.

The Managing Director of IICSR Group said, “India has been progressively consistently declining on the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) ranking from 117 in 2020 to 120 in 2021 and 121 in 2022 from 163 countries as per the Global SDG Index by the United Nations. Although Indians have philanthropy in their DNA, there is a lack of knowledge to achieve the Sustainable development goals (SDGs). All the corporates and citizens want to contribute towards achieving the SDGs but ignorance is playing a key role and the acceptance of the same.”

As a first step to address this problem, the Ministry of Skills development and entrepreneurship – Government of India has acknowledged the lack of trained CSR and Sustainability professionals. Thus, it has approved the minimum skilled qualification required for being a CSR and Sustainability Managers and Heads.

Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee former DG and CEO of IICA states that, “India has a CSR law and United Nations has developed Sustainable development goals (SDGs) both these are fields growing at a very rapid pace. For all the stakeholders, be it corporations, civil society organizations or universities or any other organizations, they are looking for high quality, high grade professionals in this field. IICSR Group having launched Masters, Post graduate program and 5 days short term training in CSR, Sustainability and ESG shall bolster sustainable development”

IICSR Group has been developing Responsible Business leadership since 2010 and now has evolved to become the world leader with footprints in South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, Europe and the USA. It is registered in the USA and India with its campus established in North Goa, India.

The group focuses on capacity building, project advisory and implementation for sustainable development, CSR and ESG and has catered to more than 100 publicly listed companies till date.

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