Canberra’s Pathway to Sustainability is Unlocking Career Opportunities in Australia

Canberra should be at the top of the list for those seeking to study, work, or live in a progressive and sustainable city. Australia’s capital city is leading the country’s sustainability drive and is on track to achieve zero net emissions by 2045. It has attracted investments of over $2 billion into sustainable energy and experts say this ambitious push towards sustainability is unlocking exciting job opportunities in cleantech and renewable energy industries.

The Business Council of Australia estimated the push to net-zero emissions would unlock over 195,000 jobs in Australia over the next 50 years. Recently, the Climate Council suggested that a Renewable Energy Storage Target could unlock around 100,000 jobs in renewable energy.

Canberra will have an increasing number of jobs to offer in these sectors, because it has a leadership position in renewable energy research and development, coupled with a robust higher education network that supports its broader sustainability imperatives.

“Canberra is a unique city in Australia, with strong urban planning foundations that have inspired collaboration across multiple sectors including education, research, industry and government. This has contributed to a well-planned, accessible, and sustainable city,” said University of Canberra Emerita Professor Barbara Norman.

“With an important global shift towards a more sustainable future, there are opportunities to be part of innovative solutions that will have an impact in Canberra, nationally, and globally,” she said.

Students interested in moving to Canberra can choose to study at some of Australia’s best-ranked universities. Canberra’s universities are powering research, education, future skills development, and technology rollouts.

Canberra has been at the forefront of taking action to address climate change. It is the first city in mainland Australia to have achieved a 100% renewable energy supply. Recently the city rolled out several initiatives in its push towards a low-carbon economy, including building the largest battery storage system in Australia and developing a renewable energy and clean tech innovation hub. Canberra has partnered with global companies in developing next-generation renewable hydrogen and storage technologies and is also increasing incentives for people to choose zero-emission vehicles.

The local government is investing in, and providing financial incentives for, the development of technology and infrastructure required to support these initiatives. This forward-thinking approach is attracting global interest and global companies, which in turn means more jobs and long-term career opportunities. Right now, Canberra has the second highest concentration of renewable energy jobs in Australia.

Canberra’s world-leading response to climate change is essential for the community, and results in more opportunities for the economy. It’s the place to be if you’re looking to build your career while living more sustainably.

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