CADD Centre Launches ‘First Job Pakka’, a Training Cum Placement Initiative to Get Jobs for 5000 Students in One Year

Releases TV commercial for the promotion of the new initiative that announces the transformation of CADD Centre from a training company into a training cum placement services provider  

CADD Centre, India’s largest network of Design Training Institutes, has launched ‘First Job Pakka’, a training-cum-placement initiative to provide future-ready courses to students. The courses lead to gainful employment in fast growing and emerging industries. In the first year, CADD Centre is targeting to place 5,000 engineering students.  

To popularise this, CADD Centre has commenced a First Job Pakka campaign across all important channels in Regular a social media. The TV commercial encourages students to train in advanced courses in product design & development, analysis, civil & architecture, and Information Technology domains and be ready for upcoming industry jobs. The First Job Pakka Campaign has a series of 4 light hearted commercials, each to be released sequentially over 4 months. A dozen more promotional videos calling students to ‘walk-in’ and get their first jobs, after about 80 hours of training in select, job-oriented courses are also ready for release. 

Considering the rapid induction of AI, IoT and Big Data in all engineering realms, CADD Centre’s courses, launched under the First Job Pakka initiative, will feature training in programming and algorithm development, in addition to the CAD/CAE, and Project Management skills in all engineering streams. To enhance employability, CADD Centre courses lay emphasis on soft skills – technical communication, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to perform well at work. 

CADD Centre is organising special job fairs in all regions exclusively for its students. Currently, it is serving 2000+ vacancies from 1500 companies in 15 domains in 25+ locations in India. 

Commenting on First Job Pakka, Mr. R. Parthasarathy, Chairman, CADD Centre, said, “First Job Pakka is CADD Centre’s answer to the yawning gap between industry requirements and student capabilities. Based on industry input, we have fresh courses with project centric training methods – all close to the real job environment. Our courses have captured the new needs of the industry; we are confident it will meet the needs of our industry customers and the high aspirations of our students.” 

In his comments, Mr. S. Karaiadiselvan, Managing Director, CADD Centre, said, “First Job Pakka is not just another campaign. It gives our students a head starts in their career. With the launch of the initiative and the commercial, we hope to provide gainful employment to our students. We are closely engaging with the industry in curriculum development and have co-created special training and course delivery mechanisms for chosen industry leaders. To make it easier for our industry customers, we do pre-placement discussions, evaluation of educational qualifications, assessment tests, score analysis, interview scheduling and offer letter assistance for each qualified student. These services can remove the hassles out of the hiring process for employers.” 

In over 35 years, CADD Centre has trained more than 2 million students through its 700+ training centres across the country. Its students are working in more than 40 countries.  

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