Education Matters is a bi-monthly magazine that propagates the efforts put in and disseminates the significance of education, skill development and research for the creation of a favourable environment that leads to the overall development of the student community.

Content Simplified

News: An expertly curated digest of the most prominent issues in the education sector.

Foreword: An ongoing columnist, politician or expert discusses an issue or trend within the education sector, outlining what solutions they believe will help alleviate or prevent a problem.

Influentially Speaking: An exclusive insight from an Industry Influencer into the educational strategy of the Indian education ecosystem.  Influentially Speaking is a profile piece on an Influencer, identifying how their career has influenced the education ecosystem of the country.

Hot Topic: Hot Topic articles identify innovative ideas or studies making waves at secondary and/or primary schools across the country, providing key discussion points for our readership and drawing on expertise from academics or experts.

EPSI Column: The Alternate President of the Education Promotion Society for India (EPSI) highlights a contemporary issue facing their sector, providing insight on the skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to overcome this barrier.

Technology: Our technology section outlines the challenges and solutions to recent digital trends. From robotics to 3D printing and whiteboards, we speak to educational leaders across the country, asking them what products and services are needed to better prepare students for the modern workforce.

Modern Learning: We outline the latest research in teaching and learning, including assessment and reporting, planning, and effective approaches to advancing educational attainment.

Making the Grade: A regular contributor speaks to Education Matters on the latest in professional development, such as formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities that academia is using to stay ahead of the curve.

Business and Administration: A leader in the education business and administration provides their expert commentary to Education Matters.

Beyond the Classroom: Ongoing columnists speak to Education Matters on a range of resources that enhance educational outcomes outside the classroom, including camping, playgrounds, school camps and excursions and before and after-school care.

Education Insight: Education Insight provides a discussion of contemporary issues affecting the industry, highlighting how the latest products and services could offer a solution.